Project Description

Louis Armstrong International Airport

The New Orleans Airport East/West Runway’s nine month, $64 million rehabilitation project included the removal of some existing pavement, repair and replacement of damaged/deteriorated pavement sections, and the installation of a new concrete overlay. Geofoam with borate was selected as a lightweight engineered fill material.

  • Geofoam was utilized to mitigate differential settlements of existing pavements that were not performing well, and to mitigate potential differential settlement at the interface between new and existing pavements.
  • Geofoam was used under the newly widened sections of the taxiway fillets to accommodate 747-400 aircraft turning radius.
  • Geofoam was utilized for settlement mitigation as part of a new taxiway connector constructed on virgin soils.

Geofoam with borate solved another problem at the New Orleans Airport site: potential termite damage to the Geofoam. The soils at the site are filled with tree stumps and roots, a good source of nutrition for subterranean termites. Geofoam with borate is treated with an EPA Registered additive that prevents the potential for significant infestation of the Geofoam.
Note: Geofoam with borate has been used on two early phases of construction at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans Int’l Airport dating back to 1995.

Project Details


New Orleans International Airport
East/West Runways




ThermaFoam, LLC

25,000 cubic yards of Geofoam Contractor: Hensel Phelps Engineer: SWA Group