Project Description

TRAX Lightrail Project

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) construction of the $250 million TRAX West Valley Lightrail line presented a challenge because it required embankments up to 40 feet high on existing poor soil conditions. The problem was caused by the Lake Bonneville deposits in the areas that are subject to settlement. Geofoam was selected to provide a lightweight solution.

Geofoam helped maintain extremely tight construction schedules that would not have allowed sufficient time for conventional embankment construction. If traditional fill would have been used, it would have taken up to 3 years to fill and settle. The 6-month long Geofoam installation saved time and ultimately was the most economical choice.

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Utah Transit Authority
TRAX Lightrail Project




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70,000 cubic yards of Geofoam Contractor: Oracle Construction Project Manager: Ryan Snow - Stacey & Witbeck/Kiewit Western Engineer: Marv Cook - Oracle Group