Project Description

Waxahachie Texas Maintenance Facility

The construction of the Waxahachie maintenance facility access road design required that it cross over existing buried utilities. The addition of heavy traditional fill materials for the new the road over the existing utilities presented a challenge. Geofoam is an extremely lightweight material that provided a solution.

A design was developed that resulted in a zero net loading for the utilities and avoided more expensive alternatives for the road design or relocation of the utilities.

The project started with removing some of the existing site materials. This reduced the weight of materials over the utilities. Extremely lightweight geofoam was placed, followed by traditional subgrade materials for the road, and finally a concrete pavement. The end result in the design was no increase load on the buried utilities despite the new higher elevation of the road.

Project Details


Waxahachie Texas Maintenance Facility
Utility Protection




ThermaFoams, LLC

Engineer: Macatee Engineering Contractor: Walker Utilities Inc. 29,500 cubic feet of Geofoam