Project Description

Yankee Stadium

Project Description

The Yankee Parking Garage Facility was designed and constructed as a four level parking garage structure.

The roof deck of the garage was designed as a common use area for the Parks Department of New York and for the residents of the City of New York.  The roof deck is the home to a new soccer field, running track, as well as basketball and tennis courts.

In order for the architect to achieve the design of this recreational facility, they incorporated the use of Geofoam to keep the loads on the roof deck structure to a minimum. What made the design even more challenging was how to drain water off the roof deck and playing fields. Geofoam was the solution.

By using Geofoam and fabricating it into compound tapers and regular tapers, the Geofoam solved two critical issues.  One was the issue of load, and the second was pitching the water to the appropriate drains. When the compound tapers were incorporated in the final design of the roof, the Geofoam solved both of these key issues at the same time.

Project Details


Parking Facilities




Branch River Plastics, Inc.

Construction: Hunter Roberts/Prismatic Development Joint Venture 6,000 cubic yards of Geofoam Type EPS19 with Perform Guard