We are pleased to announce a new UL Evaluation Report for Foam-Control EPS Insulation and Geofoam Products is now available. The new UL ER11812-01 evaluation report provides recognition for Foam-Control EPS products to the International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Much like the existing ICC-ES ESR-1006, the use of the UL Evaluation Report is a method to show compliance to the building codes.

Why a UL Evaluation Report?

  • The Building Codes specifically recognize the use of Evaluation Reports
  • UL has the recognition/respect of building officials
  • Includes recognition of Foam-Control EPS to ASTM C578 for insulation
  • Includes recognition of Foam-Control EPS Geofoam to ASTM D6817