Recently was updated with more in depth content of the use of EPS Geofoam.  The website now includes detailed information on applications, design issues, and technical issues when using EPS Geofoam.

Applications covered include: road construction, road widening, bridge abutment, bridge underfill, culverts & pipelines, compensating foundation, rail embankment, landscaping/vegetative roof, retaining/buried wall backfill, slope stabilization, stadium and theater seating, levees, airport runway/taxiway, and special applications.

Design issues covered include: lightweight, strength, ease of handling, construction time and cost, stability, insulation protection , buoyancy, water absorption, and sustainability.

Technical issues covered include: EPS geofoam types, compressive resistance, creep, load distribution, coefficient of friction, r-value, water absorption, stability, and chemical resistance.