Foam-Control Geofoam Update – Calculation Examples,

We are pleased to announce new Foam-Control Geofoam Calculation Examples are now available.  The Calculation Examples are a new type of document being provided to support Foam-Control Geofoam.  The three introductory examples demonstrate a method to calculate the distribution of structural loads through pavements and base materials to geofoam.  In addition, the stress through a geofoam fill can be calculated.  The distribution of loads is a critical factor in design and selection of Geofoam for many projects.


  • Example 1 – distribution of load from a single 1 ft. x 1 ft. 12,500 lb. load
  • Example 2 – distribution of load from two 1 ft. x 1 ft. 12,500 lb. loads spaced 5 ft. apart
  • Example 3 – distribution of load from four 1 ft. x 1 ft. 12,500 lb. loads spaced 5 ft. apart laterally and spaced 4 ft. apart longitudinally

The geofoam calculation examples are being provided to illustrate a simplified method for the calculation of vertical stress on geofoam in hypothetical examples. This simplified method is being provided as an example and should not be relied upon for the selection of Foam-Control Geofoam for a particular project. The selection and/or specification of a Foam-Control Geofoam for a specific application should be determined by a qualified design professional who is acquainted with all possible aspects of a particular project.